. No more plugged filter and
  tank cleaning
. Extended pump, injector and
  fuel life
. Enhanced combustion, engines
  run better smoke less
. Less maintenance and
  Separ Filters... NZ  
  Separ Filters...UK  


  Purafiner Installation  
Clean fuel is necessary for engine performance. Clean fuel enhances combustion, safety and reliability, while reducing maintenance and downtime. Clean fuel extends engine life. Three basic elements; water, dirt, and microbes may contaminate fuel. Traditional filtration must also address microbial contamination. This is where Purafiner comes to the rescue.

  Installation Instructions  

The Purafiner unit is not a filter. Its function is to change the microbiological material causing blockages in fuel systems and damage to injector equipment.

To achieve this the Purafiner unit should be installed where convenient between the fuel supply tank and the filter units.

There is no restriction to flow through the Purafiner unit. However heavy infestation can, as they sometimes do in pipes, cause blockages. The Purafiner is designed to prevent the build up of foreign matter within the unit. In order to get the best results the unit should be mounted vertically with the fuel connections at the lowest level.

The unique design of Purafiner means there is no dedicated inlet or outlet. Connections can be made at either side.

So the simple installations instructions are:

  • Install in the fuel line using suitable size tails or threaded unions.
  • Either horizontally or vertically.
  • Fuel inlet at either side.
  • Fuel connections at the lowest level as mounted.
  • Bleed air from the unit.
  • Finally check the unit and joints for leaks.
  How to deal with blockages.  
Blocking of the Purafiner is unlikely but may occur if the fuel tank is heavily contaminated prior to fitting the unit. The clearing of any blockage is dealt with exactly the same as for a blocked pipe. Disconnect from the fuel supply and the filter, pressurise the pipe from the filter end, blowing the blocking material into a suitable container.  


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