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Purafiner Bulk Installation Units

  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Material: ASTM A 106-9A Gr. B
  • Welding Specification: ASME 1X
  • Flange Type: Standard 150 lb. table;
  • Pressure Rating 25 bar
  • NSI 16 5 – class ISO
  • Flow Rate: Consistent with an unrestricted flow path for fuel systems as required by ABS Ship Construction Rules for fuel piping systems with a maximum working pressure of 16 bar

Please use the diagram to the right and the table of specifications below to choose your specific requirements

Model Fuel Line
Size. Inches
Flow Capacity
@4 bar
HVSF32 1 ¼ “ 75m3/hr 475mm 140mm 7.8
HVFS40 1 ½ “ 100m3/hr 475mm 150mm 8.5
HVSF50 2 “ 200m3/hr 480mm 165mm 10.3
HVSF65 2 ½ “ 340m3/hr 510mm 185mm 13.8
HVSF80 3 “ 500m3/hr 530mm 200mm 18.7
HVFS100 4 “ 800m3/hr 688mm 220mm 32.8
HVFS125 5 “ 1200m3/hr 688mm 250mm 34.2
HVFS150 6 “ 1800m3/hr 695mm 285mm 55.5

Custom Purafiner Bulk Installation Units

47 bunker ships in The Netherlands and Belgium and 3 bunker ships in Germany have been fitted with New Zealand manufactured Purafiner supplied decontamination units ensuring customers receive the very best quality diesel.

The largest bunker ship in The Netherlands, Tubantia (see photo) has a capacity of 2,500 cubic metres of fuel oil and is operated by A. Nobel & Zn, distributors of MOBIL products

BP article about Purafiner Filters

The 3 bunker ships operated by the company are all fitted with decontamination units. Either 4″ ports-capacity, 850 cubic meters/hour or 6″ ports-capacity, 1800 cubic meters/hour.

BP protects its customers against micro-organisms in fuel using units at all its bunker stations in The Netherlands. Other bunker ship operators include distributors of Gulf, Shell, Total Fina and Mobil products.

We have manufactured custom made units for off-shore drill rig operators and can supply in steel or stainless steel to our customer’s requirements.

Purafiner is the answer to the problem of microbial contamination from oil production facilities as well as for bulk storage and bunker ship operators.