A LIFETIME WARRANTED Enginaire Precleaner keeps working,
where the competitors don't!!!

Verifiable in-field testing: Precleaners are not all created equal. Head to head testing proves in the lab and in the field Enginaire is best by far.

A. A large harvesting equipment manufacturer in Canada simultaneously tested all brands of precleaners in hay mowing fields. They say "with Enginaire precleaners, filters lasted longer."

B. At a seaport in Ireland - handling moisture laden grain. Dust bowl doesn't work at all. Sy-KloneTM works for a short time, then the discharge clogs. The dynamic discharge of Enginaire keeps working.

enginaire intergrated graph

Competitors using gravity discharge cannot match the dynamic centrifugal discharge of Enginaire (none of the others can be mounted upside down).


None can match the powerful centrifugal separation of Enginaire.

None has the unlimited lifetime warranty of Enginaire.

None has the low profile of Enginaire.

C. In a German underground salt mine a 998 wheel loader was tested with various precleaners.

Here are the results:

Filter Lasted:

4 hrs - Dust Bowl
8 hrs - Turbo IITM
15 hrs - Sy-KloneTM
38 hrs - Enginaire

D. In the Arabian Desert the filter lasted on this dozer 100 hrs.
with a Dust bowl and 500 hrs with Enginaire.

Arabian Desert

Feeding dust into Enginaire
Feeding dust into Dust bowl Just because it has a rotor doesn't
mean it works as well
Enginaire Dust Test
dust test Dust test
Only this small amount gets past Enginaire
This large amount gets past Dust bowl A large amount gets past a competitor as well
Resut of dust test
Dust etst comepetitor

In test after test, in the lab and in the field, filters last longer with the patented Enginaire than with any other precleaner regardless of conditions.

Here are some  results customers have told us about:

Commercial Lawn Mowers     
20 to 25 times filter life
Concrete Saws              
3 to 5 times filter life
Wood Chippers              
5 to 10 times filter life
Mining Applications        
16 times filter life

Want even better results?

The Enginaire Integrated VLR  offers up to an additional 50% filter life extension over a conventional canister / precleaner combination.Integrated VLR

Intergrated VLR

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