Enginaire Intergrated VLR (very low restriction)
Filter Precleaner

Enginaire announces the introduction of its revolutionary new concept in air filtration.  The  Integrated VLR offers a four stage filtration system which is more efficient and less restrictive than traditional tangent entry canister alone.  The VLR incorporates Enginaire's well know dynamic precleaner with a static precleaner into a dual element filter canister. Look at this graph and see how the use of a precleaner extends the life of your air filter.  Then look  farther and see how the new VLR increases it even more.

enginaire intergrated graph
This test was done on an air flow bench in accordance with SAE J726 by introducing SAE course dust at the rate of
10 grams per 80 seconds to the inlets of the systems. The flow rate was maintained at 50 CFM by adjusting flow
after every 20 grams of dust was introduced. The test was performed using a common paper element and run until
each system reached a pressure drop of 20 inches of water.

DRAMATICALLY Increase Filter Life

Magna IV FiltrationThe Integrated VLR (Very Low Restriction) Filter/Precleaner combination is lower in restriction than traditional tangential filters alone. This means the new VLR system provides the well proven benefits of Enginaire’s dynamic precleaner without any energy loss. This means greater savings in filters, maintenance costs, and downtime, than ever before. The new VLR will keep your engine performing in it’s designed power range for greater periods of time between service intervals.

Provably Superior air filtration is what Enginaire offers you. Proven not only in the laboratory, but time and time again by real operators using their own equipment. Enginaire clean air systems cost less to install and save you money by the service they give. When most of the dirt is kept from ever entering the filter air stream, filters last longer, maintenance intervals are longer, machine downtime is reduced, so the equipment you purchase keeps working doing what you bought it for … making you money.

Use this chart to determine which VLR fits your needs best:

Intergrated Outlet diagram
intergragted table